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IDG and CSD units are initially inspected and researched to determine reason for removal and condition of drives prior to testing. Computerized testing equipment ensures the accurate and precise flow test reading of each fuel nozzle and its final test requirements.
JAT's facility is complemented by a complete machine shop. This sophisticated equipment, precision tooling and experienced personnel assure product quality. ASNT Level III flourescent penetrant inspection (FPI), magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and eddy current describe the technology used to ensure precision adherence to process control standards.
In-House Facilities
Lapmaster Lapping Equip In-House Lab Ultrasonic Cleaning
Various Types of Peening Dynatrol VTL Grit Blasting
Pneumatic Pressure Checks Fuel and Oil Checks Vapor Honing
Bridgeport Milling Machines Complete Plasma Spray ID and OD Grinding
NDT, FPI and Magnuflux Lathes